6 thoughts on “Dwayne McDuffie

  1. Dwayne McDuffie wrote fun comics. Particularly during a period when very few were being written.

  2. I enjoyed his overall work. I never met him, but I often read about how nice he was. Sad day, indeed. May he rest in peace.

  3. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your memorial for Dwayne McDuffie. I don’t read comics much anymore, though I still seem to enjoy reading about them, especially when you’re the one doing the writing.

    Your thoughts about McDuffie reminded me of how much I enjoyed your not-so-recent post on race in comics. It was really thoughtful, and, I’m an academic who does a lot of reading and writing on this topic, so I guess I should know.

    Anyway, this just seemed like an appropriate time to pass along my appreciation to you for your work.