I’m Going To Be On the Daily Show Tonight



Remember how I went to New York a month or so ago? Well, tonight, you can see the fruits of that trip as I appear on the Daily Show With Jon Stewart in a bit with correspondent Aasif Mandvi about — what else? — Batman.

I’m a little nervous about it — the filming was fun, but I’ve heard the camera adds 10 80 pounds, so don’t be surprised if I look just a shade overweight. It’ll probably be in the first half of the show, so tune in to Comedy Central tonight at 11 PM Eastern, and… possibly other times in other places? Either way, this should be interesting for all of us.

26 thoughts on “I’m Going To Be On the Daily Show Tonight

  1. Looks like you actually -are- a recognized as the foremost Batmanologist of our era.
    Big time!

    Congratulations and I look forward to the show.

  2. This will get Super Bowl worthy ratings and lead to Chris getting his own CC late night show!!! I’m truly more excited about this than when I won that year supply of cheese.

    You are my idol, Chris Sims. You inspire and entertain like a true gentleman. I wish you all the success in the world.

  3. Congratulations Chris- the segment was excellent, and you came across really great. You’re an inspiration to us all. :-D

  4. Was hoping for a reference to Bats throwing a car battery – fun to see the cameo. :)

  5. I just saw the Daily Show segment — Chris, you did great!
    Looking forward to seeing you more on TV.

    As for the other guest in the segment… oh dear. Was he for real, or a spoof??

  6. They seem to have omitted your name and profession altogether on the online version. Did it say “Batmanologist”?

  7. I was just watching the Daily Show first thing in the morning and BAM! I was floored to see Chris pop up on their segment on NightRunner. You did great, Chris. And you are now a recognized Batmanologist by television’s leading fake news source!

  8. So as well as Comic Book Writer, Internet Reporter and Batmanologist you can now add TV Celebrity to your ever increasing list of job titles. Congrats Chris!

  9. Awesome job, Chris. And you got to be the sane one, too! Seriously, what is up with Hieronymous Bosch or whatever the hell his name is?

    Anyway, fame and fortune are just around the corner, now!

  10. Well done. Maybe we’ll get to see you as a recurring [insert comic book character]ologist in future segments!

  11. I nearly spit out my eggs this morning when I saw the greatest Batman-oligist on The Daily Show. Fun and exciting, congrats on beginning of the next leg of your media domination. I can’t wait to see you on Colbert next.

  12. Oh, man, it took me about 20 minutes to watch the video. I had to keep stopping so as not to throw stuff around the room when that other guy was talking.

    Good work for you though, Chhris.

  13. Just saw the segment – you were great! Congratulations!

    The other guy was a tool, tho.

  14. When they first introduced that (psycho) other guest as a “comics artist” I was worried that it would be somebody I’d heard of.
    Kind of a relief that it was just some right-wing nobody, and not somebody who’d ever done something I’d enjoyed, which would have made me sad (on top of disgusted).

  15. Oh my God, you where on T.V.! And I’m posting on your blog! WhOOOO!

    Now, but seriously, congrats, man. But more importantly, Pigman dude. Just Pigman. Much like I wrote about Foreskin Man, I don’t see much other uses for a pig theme outside the main conceit. And like the guy pointed out, doesn’t make much sense In the conceit itself.

  16. He sniffs out truffles, though. That’s a pretty cool superpower. If you want to go into the business of harvesting truffles, that is.

  17. There is a copy of Pigman at the academic library where I work. It looks worse you could guess from its coverage.