7 More Super Dictionary Entries That Need To Be In Comics



Since you’re reading this on the Internet, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re aware that Chris Roberson recently stuck a reference to the famous “Forty Cakes” panel from The Super Dictionary into the pages of Superman. This is, of course, awesome, but more than that, it opens the door for even more bits and pieces from what might just be the weirdest comics publication of all time to make it into mainstream super-hero stories. So today, I’ve written up 7 more Super Dictionary Entries that should be in comics.

And yes, I am available to write El Dragon.

11 thoughts on “7 More Super Dictionary Entries That Need To Be In Comics

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out the art on these, so did DC just cut out images from older comics and past them on poorly drawn background to create new images?

  2. Geese or no geese, plan or no plan, GL is awesome, and Batman… well… College Humor said it better than me

    Enjoy your ban!

    PS: I love your work on the back windows of pickup trucks.

  3. Poor Hawkman. He gets NO respect on the internet. People should be more sensitive about mental illness already.

  4. I have to imagine the line to write El Dragon’s going to be pretty long now that you’ve reintroduced him to the world, Chris. Oh the bitter irony. (Pretty much everyone wants/expects to see him in Batman Inc. now, don’t they?)

  5. By far and away the funniest damned thread in months. Well done, Mister S, I’m laughing like a drain right before bed.

  6. There’s a moment in Blackest Night – I think maybe Blackest Night #0? – where Green Lantern is flashing back to a point when Batman is making fun of him for being a terrible strategist. Nod to #2, maybe? Or just more evidence that Batman is, indeed, a jerk.

  7. There’s a reason they added John Stewart to the JL cartoon and not Hal Jordan.

    Also, College Humor is a serious misnomer.

    Even if this wasn’t the blog of the world’s leading Batmanologist, I’d take offense to that clip.

  8. No.


    Childhood cake stealing isn’t acceptable. It demeans and trivialises it. Stealing 40 cakes as a young man is a boyhood shennanigan at best.

    The only way Chris Roberson should get credit for this is if an adult Lex Luthor steals the cakes. Forty of them. Only then will his crime be given it’s full and terrible glory.