ComicsAlliance’s Exclusive Stories

Normally I would’ve linked to these as they went up over at ComicsAlliance, but today has been insanely busy for the CA staff. Not only did a ton of major news stories break for the world of comic books, but thanks to our tireless efforts, a good number of them were CA Exclusives!



First up, DC has announced their next crossover, DCU Disarmed! We’ve got an exclusive look at the cover of this world-shattering event and details you won’t find anywhere else, courtesy of DC editor Jay Didillo.



Not to be outdone, IDW made a major announcement of their own, adding yet another license to their stable. Cannot wait for the GI Joe crossover for this one!

Plus, I’ve also written up news about the latest developments with the Spider-Man musical and the extremely unfortunate announcement from CW Director of Genre Programming Larry Lewis that Smallville has been picked up for season 11.

And capping it all off, this week’s installment of Ask Chris! I’m not going to lie to you, guys, this week gets a little weird, and not just because I pit My Little Pony against the forces of Cobra.

Just one of those days, I guess.

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