Ask Chris #54: The Mythology of the New Gods



This week in Ask Chris, I lay out the mythology and meaning behind Jack Kirby’s New Gods, with an exploration of what they mean and why they operate on a grander scale than just about any other super-hero in comics.

I also stick to my promise to not mention Batman even once in this column, and brother, you have no idea how difficult it was to not segue from Kirby into Morrison at the end and get around to Batman being the Orion of the Fifth World. I could’ve gone on for hours.

12 thoughts on “Ask Chris #54: The Mythology of the New Gods

  1. This is one of your best pieces of writing ever, Chris. You really have a “Jack Kirby Explained” book in you, and I hope someone, someday gives you the opportunity to write one. I think it would be definitive.

  2. The post was scheduled for the wrong day by mistake, meaning that the initial link that went out on Twitter (and here at the ISB) worked, until someone (Andy Khouri) noticed and fixed it. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Ok, so I am writing a comic about a Burlesque star who is less than a beauty, can sing ok, is kinda overweight, oh ok a lot over weight but she can do a routine that is like, six minutes long and encapsulate the entire, “Sound of Music.” with, like, six costume changes..

    Any one interested in illustrating this? I will offer candles for payment, or if you are in the Tri-State area of NY, I can cook you food. Mostly Italian fare, from wickedly cool cook book written by Vincent Scavelli. He is most known for his character acting work, you may have seen him in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. (He played the teacher that was off caffeine.) Also was a ghost in the movie “Ghost’. Ok, you prob don’t know him so here he is.

    [Link redacted for obvious reasons of this comment being insane. –CS]

    Cool guy. He is the third cousin of my ex-friend, Andrew. He is mad at me but I went with him to see Vincent Sciavelli at an Italian Legion Hall to do a book signing. I know I digress, a little but the main fact is that I cook from this amazing cookbook and I will provide actual recipes from the cookbook as payment for the book.

    Any takers.

  4. I was gonna come in here to say AW YEAH KIRBY but now I feel compelled to say HA! HA! SOUND OF MUSIC BURLESQUE FUNNYBOOKS IN THE NEW BARTER ECONOMY!

  5. Okay, Chris, you can have my English Ph.D. now. I wasn’t doing much with it anyway, at least nothing as impressive as that essay.

  6. Good article, but one sentence for the Forever People?

    You’re welcome to write your own. It’s a big Internet, there’s room for plenty of sentences.