El Gorgo!

Last week, I managed to drop the word “Gorilluchadore” into one of my comics reviews, and I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say that this might be my single greatest contribution to the English language.

After all, that’s a word with possibilities. The raw power and savagery of a gorilla mixed with the grace and aerial skill of Mexico’s finest grapplers? There’s nothing about that that’s not awesome! It’s the kind of word I felt like I could run with to make something beautiful and amazing.

And then I remembered that Mike McGee and Tamas Jakab had already done exactly that.



This is how Jakab introduced himself and his comic to me a few months ago in an email:

Would you believe that only the flying fists and Einsteinian-level intellect of an 800-pound gorilla luchador stand between the world you know and a mad god’s dream of global domination? You’d better! Your life depends on it!

These words open the story of El Gorgo!, a new comic book created by Mike McGee (writer) and Tamas Jakab (artist). El Gorgo! is the story of the world’s greatest gorilla luchadore adventurer. In the first issue, he fights the Deep Ones, Dagon, and cyborg dinosaurs on the moon of Titan!!!! There are no fewer than 3 face kicks, one of which is a gorilla kicking a pterodactyl in the face, WHILE MAKING A FIST WITH HIS FOOT!!!!!


What can I say? He knows how to sell me on a comic book. And he’s not kidding, either. That’s just how things roll…




I also think I should point out that at the end of the email, Jakab totally threw up the horns.

In a perfect world, that description and that picture alone would have you guys tripping over yourselves to head over to ElGorgo.com to give these guys money–and at $3.95 plus shipping, it’s well worth it to get a copy of your own–but since we’re on the subject, allow me to go on for a bit about how much I love this thing.

It is fantastic.

To start with, there’s Jakab’s art, and if there’s any better way to measure a man’s skill at drawing comics than by seeing him draw monkey punchkicking a dinosaur, then brother, I don’t know what it is. And the entire comic is like that, drawn with a great, fluid sense of motion and a style that’s like somebody chucked Jack Kirby, the Venture Brothers and the full roster of Raza Azteca into a blender and then poured it right onto the page.

But the art, fantastic as it is, isn’t the only draw: Mike McGee’s script is able to pull off the hyperbolic feel of an homage to Kirby’s Jimmy Olsen stories without getting bogged down in it, but beyond the dialogue, this is… Well, as McGee says himself on page sixteen, this is the story of “a rock star, a professional wrestler, a historical novelist and a freakin’ super-hero.”

And he is also a gorilla. Not sure if that’s been made clear.

So yeah, I flat-out love it, and if you’re into the type of things I usually get behind here on the ISB, then you’ll probably love it, too. But here’s the best part: Even though they’re selling hard copies of the first issue at the aforementioned $3.95, McGee and Jakab have offered up the whole damn thing as a free download JPG, PDF, and CBR. That’s right, folks: Three formats free of charge and a hard copy you can buy if you like it, which I’m pretty sure has officially taken the lead in terms of online convenience.

Give it a shot. Because really…



…that’s a rock-star super-genius gorilla pro wrestler throwing a witch at the Elder God Dagon. And you know you wanna read that.

18 thoughts on “El Gorgo!

  1. dude, how could people NOT buy this? even with shipping more than the price of the book, it’s a frikkin’ gorilluchadore!

  2. I just hit up Sterling to set aside a copy if his store’s got one. Must read of 2008.

    They haven’t been picked up by Diamond yet–the reason I haven’t mentioned it before was that I was waiting until there was a solicit–but you can get a copy exclusively through their website.

  3. I think we can all agree that the best part of that top panel of gorgo kicking the pterodactyl is that he is BOTH simultaneously punching AND kicking. thank goodness for gorilla feet.

  4. That was an awesome read. A copy is now on it’s way to me. I was thinking this is pretty awesome, but what really sold me is that El Gorgo has his own Surf Rock band.

  5. There’s another me, writing comics, and he wrote a comic that sounds this awesome?

    Jeez. Now I’m kinda bummed.

  6. Uh, won’t Rex Mantooth, Kung Fu Gorilla get jealous?

    Ditto for Kirk Madge… Sky Ape!

    For me, jet packs beat wrestling and elder gods. But that’s me.

  7. Sorry, but pterosaurs are not dinosaurs, taxonomically speaking. Therefore this comic must suck and I refuse to read it.

    Wait, do they call it a dinosaur in the comic, or is it just Chris’s mistake and he sucks? Guess I’ll just have to get the comic and find out!

    The suffering I endure for scientific fact-checking….

  8. “Just a few miles south, eager throngs gather outside the Aloha state’s most massive concert arena-throngs eager for the sight and sounds of the world’s greatest surf rock guitar band-El Gorgo’s Gorgo-A-Go-Go!”

    Right there, I stopped reading the downloaded version and ordered a copy. My god this is awesome.