Crime Does Pay: Eight Great Noir Comics



Like most everyone else with an XBox and a little free time, I’ve been playing through L.A. Noire lately, and judging by a few Ask Chris questions I’ve gotten, it’s an experience that’s left a lot of us jonesing for more hard-boiled crime stories.

So today, I’ve written up a list of eight great noir comics, from super-heroes to straight up crooks and all the way into true crime. Get that snap-brim on and check ’em out, ya palookas.

(Why oh why did the word “palooka” ever drop out of style?)

7 thoughts on “Crime Does Pay: Eight Great Noir Comics

  1. (Why oh why did the word “palooka” ever drop out of style?)

    That’s of the great linguistic mysteries of our time. I think we should all do our part to bring it back. Which mostly means I expect you to use it in concert with jabroni and cretin.

  2. Since, as someone on CA pointed out, you probably don’t read the comments there anymore: I’d like to imagine that there’s an alternate universe Chris Sims who is more of a PC man who made a list of comics inspired by the Witcher 2.

  3. Witcher 2: Which Witch is Which?

    Witcher 2: Any Witch Way But Loose

  4. I don’t know, is Fell really a book with such a noir-ish feel to it? To me it seems just typical Ellis with MODERN depravity,squalor and outright perversion all around.
    I think with it’s more serious subject a book like Incognegro maybe should have gotten a spot here.
    Then there is Terminal City, a book not with a noir look, but art deco design. Yet it’s main characters seem to be straight out of a Chandler story. Also, Stray Bullets, maybe still Laphams best work ever.

  5. Thanks for the pointer to She Died In Terrebonne — I’ll give it a shot. And a great list — I’d argue the 2 Parker books are in the running for top 10 graphic novels, period.

    Also thought of Dean Motter’s and Michael Lark’s Nine Lives as a bookend to Gotham Noir; but I agree that Gotham Noir is the better book.

  6. Incognegro is a great book, but I wouldn’t classify it as a noir story.

    I was, however, a little surprised not to see Scalped. All in all, though, it’s a damn good list.