My Jack Kirby Character Sketchbook: It’s “Pretty Rad!!”



I’ve been sidelined with illness for the past couple of days, but the con crud’s not the only thing I brought back from this year’s HeroesCon! I decided to start a new sketchbook this year with the theme of characters created or co-created by The King, Jack Kirby! Over at ComicsAlliance, I’ve posted my first ten awesome Kirby sketches, from artists like Ming Doyle, Tom Fowler, Declan Shalvey and more. They’re incredible, and the artists who did them are fan-darn-tastic!

One thought on “My Jack Kirby Character Sketchbook: It’s “Pretty Rad!!”

  1. Have you thought of displaying your sketches online? I post mine on Flickr and Comic Art Fans accounts, and I enjoy seeing other people’s collections. You have a nice theme going, and I hope the sketches keep coming. And kudos for not asking Tom Scioli to draw Galactus, which would’ve been the logical choice, given his work on [i]G0dland[/i].