The Hard Ones #1



If you’ve been reading the ISB since, oh, the Dawn of Man or so, you’ll remember that I was once working on a comic called Skiptracers The Hard Ones. It was the first thing Chad and I wrote together all the way back in 2007, with art by Rusty Shackles, lettering by Benjamin Birdie and cover colors by Steve Downer. Even though it’s been done for a while, we’ve been holding off doing anything with it other than printing up a few copies to show off at conventions, but this summer, we decided to put it up as a free comic over at the Action Age.

So this weekend, that’s exactly what we’ve done! It’s an extra-sized 28 page adventure, complete in one issue, and it’s totally free to download in CBZ format. Have at it!

The Hard Ones #1: Get Lucky!

If you enjoy it, let us know and tell your friends. If you don’t enjoy it, well, this is the Internet, I imagine you’ll tell your friends anyway.

Note 1: This has nothing to do with the secret project I’ve been teasing for the past couple of days. Well. Almost nothing.

Note 2: If you don’t have it already, cDisplayEX is the program you use for CBR/CBZ files, like this one and the other comics I wrote for Flashback Universe. If you don’t feel like downloading a new program (it’s free and doesn’t take much space), you can always change it from .cbz to .zip and pop it open to get at the images that way.

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