9 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: Sister Samurai

  1. I’ve finally started reading Usagi Yojimbo in the past few weeks and I’ve been kicking myself for not reading it sooner. My excuse was always “It’s such a massive project I don’t know where to start!” Well I started at the beginning and even though I’ll probably be reading the until next June before I catch up it looks like I’m in it for the long haul…

  2. You will never regret reading Usagi Yojimbo. Start with book one, and keep on going. Most consistently good comic ever. It’s ONE STORY, people! Split up into dozens of smaller stories! Awesome.

    Okay, I’ll stop now.

  3. You’re all fools!
    The Mob Rules!

    Ronnie James Dio has a quotable lyric ready for all situations. He’s like Batman but with a lot more dragons and post-apocalyptic video arcades.

  4. I only know of Usagi from both Ninja Turtle cartoons, and I’ve been interested in reading it. However, I never see a copy on the shelves. Maybe when my collection’s finally restructured I’ll look into it.

  5. I’ve been buying the collections used from Amazon at just over $5 a piece. It helps that they’re all clearly numbered now (I recall in the past they weren’t which helped scare me off).

  6. And to anyone who thinks it’s such a massive undertaking, honestly, just dive right in.

    I started with the 9th trade, Daisho, that I bought on a whim, because it was the only one my local comic book store had at the time. Guess what? Stan Sakai is such a damn good storyteller that I followed things just fine from there. Honestly, I don’t think I’d be exaggerating if I said that Sakai is quite possibly the greatest storyteller, visual or otherwise of this generation. I read everything out of order before I read it in order first, and I was never left behind. It all just flows so elegantly. Now, it IS better to read in order, and there were definitely some little things I missed the first time through, but do yourself a favor, just start on it somewhere.

    For serious, like, right now. Go buy whatever you can. But I’ll also warn you, once you’ve read all there is, you’ll be kicking yourself once you have to wait for more.