19 thoughts on “And Now…

  1. …or a dog lapping up milk, now that I read the comments. Or, now that I squint and back up a little, a rather fetching 3-D picture of a rocketship!

  2. Ah, now it looks like a Koala to me and i can’t see the dog anymore.

    Co-incidence? Or pan-opticonal superpower from Mr Sims?.

  3. I think this shows that the world is crying out for an Archie Watchmen parody (or, dare I say it, crossover?)

  4. Chris, it was you who fought so hard for a slice of the easily-distracted, terrible-memory-having, comic-book-blog-reading market. I read a lot of your reviews for precis, because I simply do not have the time to experience things and enter them into the memory bank.

  5. I think Betty should maybe get that lump checked out. Given the topography of the dog/rocketship/koala silkscreen (i.e., flat as Bonneville), that can’t possibly be a natural curve, there.

    Perhaps she ought to cut down on her sunbathing.