I’ve been playing Fallout: New Vegas working like a Christmas elf over the past weekend, so I’ve neglected keeping the ISB updated with my various writing exploits. I’m sure you’ve all missed the links, but rest easy, because I’ve got a ton of ’em:

First up, the return of Great Comics That Never Happened, featuring the art of Kerry Callen!



Who could’ve gotten the Avengers such terrible Christmas presents? Find out in Who Is — The Secret Santa?!

Next, it’s the second episode of Spider-Man Japan, with me and Caleb Goellner!



This week, we learn the origin of Garia from Planet Spider, who is apparently meant to be a Christ figure. Who knew?

From last Friday, it’s the first Ask Chris-tmas Special:



This week, some terrifying event has left us with a need to replace Santa Claus with a super-hero. Can I do it, or is Christmas Ruined Forever?!

Finally, this week’s War Rocket Ajax!



Believe it or not, this is the first time in almost a hundred episodes that we’ve had someone from Archie Comics as a guest, but we talk to Alex Segura about Archie Meets KISS and the company’s progressive new direction! Plus, listen in as a a dude whose actual job is to make people like Archie Comics gets a little freaked out about how much I like Archie Comics.




I know I haven’t linked to it here in a while, but Awesome Hospital Forever has kept on rolling! Dystopian Futures! Dystopian Pasts! Dystopian PRESENTS?! Thrill to the time-bending, senses-shattering adventure as we roll on through the epic of dirtbike time travel and robot romance!

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