I’m Seven!



Yesterday was the ISB’s seventh anniversary (thanks, Phil!) and I spent it in the most typical way possible for this blog: I wrote a column about replacing the members of the Justice League with pro wrestlers, which then immediately received a comment from someone informing me that I’d left out the people they would’ve wanted to see as Hawk and Dove, who have never been in the Justice League. There is no possible action that encompasses the last seven years of my life better than that.

Seriously though, this past year has been a strange one, but a good one for me. I mean, it kicked off with me getting invited to go to New York and talk about Batman on the Daily Show, which is probably still the most surreal experience of my entire life. I finished writing a graphic novel with Chad, I self-published a comic book that I wrote, and met two Batmans, all things that I never could’ve done if I hadn’t started up this blog back in 2005, and if you guys hadn’t stuck with me for the long haul. I appreciate it more than I will ever admit in public.

Plus, I managed to write what I think was a grand total of three pieces for the ISB itself, all of which were about video games that everyone else had already stopped caring about. And it’s that standard of quality that keeps you guys coming back.


Here’s to Year Eight!

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