My (Allegedly) Funny Valentines 2012: The New 52 Edition



In case you thought I was resting on my laurels after Catie and I made you some House of Anubis Valentines, don’t fret: I have once again arrived to save your relationship even if you’re not into supernatural mystery dramas for tweens. Just as I do every year, I’ve made up some Valentines from the pages of your “favorite” comics, and this time around I’ve added a touch of ahhhhhRomance to the New 52!

There were, however, a few that I didn’t get around to using for ComicsAlliance, just because I couldn’t make them work. So in case you’re curious, here are the Rejects:

This one was just a little too creepy…



This one was a little too blunt…



And this one… Well, there’s just nothing I can add to it:



Happy Valentine’s Day!

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