Action Age Comics Presents: EXTERMINAPE!

Start your week with… the Action Age!



Click above to read Exterminape: The Trailer, a six-page story by Chris Sims, Matthew Allen Smith, and Benjamin Birdie!

In the grand tradition of Rex Mantooth, Kirk Madge and El Gorgo comes Teddy Crane, the World’s Greatest Gorilla Hitman, in a new apesploitation extravaganza scientifically designed to punch your brain in the face!

38 thoughts on “Action Age Comics Presents: EXTERMINAPE!

  1. When I finished reading through that trailer, one single, manly tear rolled down my cheek. I was overcome by the sheer beauty I had just witnessed.

    When and where can I buy this?

  2. Page 2 panel 3 was appropriately hilarious and terrifying. Who hasn’t had a gorilla-gone-amok nightmare?

    I liked the suggestion of Hernandez Bros. in Lala Lee.

  3. “Hey you big monkey, who the hell do you think you are?”



    Congratulations on the immiment arrival of millions of dollars.

  4. Nice to see Rusty Tripwell playing “The Boss”, instead of Alan Rickman, John Malkovich, or Terrance Stamp.

    Frankly, he needs the work.

  5. I don’t think Rusty Tripwell could pull off Terrence Stamp. Alan Rickman or Malkovich, sure. But not Terrence Stamp.

  6. Oh, may god, this looks like fun. Fine, this tears it. Not only will I pay cash money out of my limited stock for Exterminape, not only will I name my first child Teddy Crane in his honor, but I’m actually going to break down, go without sleep for the next few months and make a web comic book.

    It will suck, but it is my lifelong dream, so I’m going for it. Blame Sims for inspiring me by making Awesome look so easy. I’m hereby calling dibs on the name Rocketsaurus Rex…

  7. holy freking crap! That is awesome! I shed tears of awesomeness this morning and now no other action story will do it for me until I get to see this in its entirety.

  8. You had me until the “power of your jungle love”. Personal preferences aside, you guys will deserve all the readers and money you will earn.

  9. Wasn’t Teddy’s opening line on John Holmes’ busines cards?

    (PS: Exterminape looks badass. But you already knew that)

  10. That rocks all levels of the house. I’m looking forward to lots of prehensile-footed gunplay. Just wondering, though: Was “Assassinape” already taken? I mean, around here it might be.

  11. Oh man, you could have an arc flashing back to when Teddy Crane faced off with The Assasinape, and won the right to the title the World’s Greatest Gorilla Hitman but not the name, since the copyright on Assasinape ceded to his next of kin… or maybe the Assasinape is someother kind of ape, like a baboon or orangutan, and thats why Teddy uses Exterminape instead (if he even does, I guess you might just be using it as the comic’s title and not necessarily teddy’s in the book. Like how Green Arrow was never called that by name in Mike Grell’s run) and they occasionally team up on big international jobs or… man, is it too early to start a fanfiction livejournal for a comic series that hasnt even been published yet? You can totally use any of the above if you want by the way, but I wouldn’t be offended if you instead think Im being not an awesome kind of silly. Signed Earl

  12. The average size of a gorilla’s penis is 1,5″.

    Don’t ask me how I know that.

    But now, you do too.