War Rocket Ajax #102: Rage of the Screaming Centipede with Kagan McLeod!



The ISB was down earlier this week with some Zero Cool-style hackery, so chances are good by this point that you’re already seen it because of course you’re subscribed through iTunes, but: This week, War Rocket Ajax is joined by Infinite Kung Fu creator Kagan McLeod!

If you haven’t read this comic, it’s absolutely amazing. You can read something like 250 pages of it for free online, the whole thing is $10 digitally, and it’s worth five times that in pure, awesome fun. A word of warning, though: McLeod and I get pretty in-depth in discussing kung fu movies, so this one might not be for everyone. To his credit, though, Matt Wilson did do a good job of editing out his bored sighs when I started talking about how much I love the idea of the Flying Guilloutine.

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