Here Are Some Things I Wrote This Week

Perhaps you will enjoy them.



In this week’s Ask Chris, I break down my favorite ridiculous plot for World Domination, which of course involves Dr. Doom and Pirate Treasure. Plus, find out what happened to Dave Campebell after I had him killed he stopped blogging about comics!

This month’s FunkyWatch featured impending schadenfreude, puns, and a strip that reminded me of an (actually funny) moment at my father’s funeral. Believe it or not, this did not improve my mood.

For Leap Day, I wrote a retrospective of Batroc the Leaper! If you were reading the ISB back in 2008, you may recognize this is a recurring theme.

Spider-Man Japan Episode 9 brings you the story of a love between a woman and a horrifying giant space beetle monster. It’s the romance of the year, and — gulp — it may be the last one of these we do!

And finally, I reprise my role as ComicsAlliance’s Senior Pornography Critic to review S*** W*** XXX. Sorry, I can’t say the name of the film here — you know I have A Policy. But it’s, you know, that space fantasy movie with the laser swords that people insist on liking. Only this time, with boners!

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