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In case you missed it, here’s what I wrote at ComicsAlliance this week:

The image above comes from a round-up of my favorite Next Issue blurbs from Kirby’s run on Captain America, which are awesome. I’ve heard that some people were complaining that I didn’t credit the letterer, but — and I could be completely wrong about this — I always assumed those were a product of Kirby himself, since they’re consistent across all of his work in the ’70s, from New Gods on to Devil Dinosaur. Of course, as usually happens with this sort of thing, Bully did it years ago.

In other complaint news, I wrote a few jokes about Before Watchmen and other Alan Moore titles DC could stripmine for sequels, and in violation of my usual rule, I totally read the comments. I figured they would be both hilarious and rewarding, and was I ever right about that. My personal favorite was the dude who said he was personally insulted by things I wrote about DC Comics. I can only assume that he is the company itself, having gained sentience in a weird mystic rite designed to protect its employees from Alan Moore’s 9th level Wizard Spells. Either that, or JMS reads my columns. Either way, pretty exciting!

Along the same lines, I wrote some jokes about strange moments in Avengers history to educate fans of the movie. I haven’t looked, but I will bet fifty dollars that someone is upset because I chose my favorite tidbits rather than providing a comprehensive timeline detailing every single bit of history.

Man, I’m complaining about readers a lot today! But not you guys. You guys are super cool.

Anyway, in happier news, I picked up some great mini-comics at Fluke and wrote about the ones I was most excited about. A lot of these people are at Stumptown this weekend, so if you’re in Portland, pick up their stuff!

In this week’s installment of Ask Chris, I break down a bit of Batman’s origin that was better left unexplored in order to pad out an answer that, if I was honest, would’ve just been the words “Iron Fist.” It’s how I roll.

This week’s War Rocket Ajax featured Brian Clevinger, telling us all about Atomic Robo and his ill-fated plans to work with DC. This was a good one. And speaking of Brian, he and I will both be appearing at Ultimate Comics in Chapel Hill, NC next weekend for Free Comic Book Day! Come by and say hello! I will be way less grumpy about comments in person (THIS IS A LIE).

Finally, David Uzumeri was off this week, so Matt Wilson and I teamed up for some writing in addition to our usual podcasting, and the end result was a look back at the 90s Spider-Man cartoon and its “Secret Wars” arc. No joke, you guys: This show was awful.

That’s the major stuff that I’ve done this week, but as always, there are additional pieces at CA that you can find under my byline or by following me on Twitter. Have a great weekend!

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