The Action Age Hits Cola-Con!

This weekend, Chad and I are heading to Cola-Con! Despite what the name may lead non-South Carolinians to believe, this is not actually a convention about soft drinks. Instead, it’s a convention based around comic books and hip hop, featuring a bunch of local creators (like us) and also Ghostface Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan.

That is not a joke. Ghostface Killah will be there. If he swings by the table, I will definitely give him a copy of Dracula the Unconquered #1.

Chad and I will have a table where we’ll be doing our usual Terrible Sketches for $1, but this time we have some restrictions: Chad will only be drawing Death’s Head and characters from G.I. Joe, and I will only be drawing professional wrestlers and Pok√©mon. In addition to that, we’ll be on a few panels:

Friday at 7:00 PM: Chad and I will be joined by Rashad Doucet and Jarrett Williams for “Oni Comics: Regional Creators and Their Creations.” Since we’re not actually allowed to talk about the still-unannounced book that we’re doing for Oni, there is a distinct possibility that this will just devolve into me and Jarrett talking about pro wrestling for an hour. Do not miss it!

Saturday at 12:45 PM: We’ll be on the “Web Comics: Comics Success In the Digital Age” panel, where we’ll be discussing Awesome Hospital, Monster Plus,¬†Dracula the Unconquered and other aspects of Internet Publishing along with a few of our pals, including Frank Comics’ John Pading.

If you’re in or around Columbia, it’s a really fun show that’s definitely creator-focused. There’s no dealer room, just a bunch of indie guys from the South making comics and talking about them. Swing by and say hello, and if you do, bring me a Sun Drop. Bottles only, please.

For more on Cola-Con, check out the site here. And next weekend, New York Comic-Con!

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