War Rocket Ajax #159: Show You Who’s Boss with Mark Waid


This week on War Rocket Ajax, the inimitable Mark Waid joins us for an in-depth discussion of craft, character and the future of comics. I know, we were pretty surprised, too. But don’t worry, all the serious talk eventually goes out the window and we get down to talking about his work on Marvel’s Indestructible Hulk and Red Batman. Plus, it’s the thrilling return of Love Haters, Chris is launching a new comic, and Matt saw a racist comedian. Thrills about, people. Thrills. Abound.

War Rocket Ajax #159: Show You Who’s Boss with Mark Waid

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Show Notes:

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Grab the first episode of the Movie Fighters now, and get Subatomic Party Girls #1 on Wednesday!

The Supermodel of Comics.

Mark’s pick for the best Wally West story that he didn’t write: Flash #54:


Chris and Matt’s Rec: Movie Fighters! But you already bought it, right? Right.

Comics Reviewed: Regular Show #1, FF #7, Wolverine and the X-Men #29.

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