War Rocket Ajax #160: That’s Snake Eyes with Jeremy Dale


This week on War Rocket Ajax, Matt and I are sitting down for a chat with my old pal Jeremy Dale, and his lovely wife (and editor) Kelly Dale! We met a while back when Jeremy and Kelly lived in the area and I worked at the comic book store where he shopped, but you might know Jeremy as the artist of the G.I. Joe Comic Two-Pack comics, telling the startling stories of Battle-Damaged Snake-Eyes, and if you’re an artist, you may know Kelly as the world’s biggest Firestar fan. Today, though, we focus on Jeremy’s new comic, Skyward, a fantasy adventure he’s been working on for years, with some very solid coloring. Hmmmmm.

Plus, Matt’s been watching wrestling, and I’ve got a comic out. You’ve already got your copy, right? Right.

War Rocket Ajax #60: That’s Snake Eyes with Jeremy and Kelly Dale

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Show Notes:

Follow Jeremy and Kelly on Twitter, and check out Jeremy’s work at his website.

Catch up on the Chikara shows we’ve been to lately.

If you see Eddie Kingston, he owes Matt a beer.

Cookout has a lot of milkshakes.

Jonathan Lethem’s Deep Focus: They Live is a great read.

The Double Dragon Neon soundtrack is pretty great, much as I hate to admit it.

Hey! If you missed it last week, the Chris Sims vs. Mark Waid Batman Trivia Contest Bonus Episode went up! Go listen to it now! We’ll be doing another installment in the future to see who reigns supreme.

Chris’s Rec: Double Dragon Neon

Matt’s Rec: DMC: Devil May Cry

Comics Reviewed: Daredevil #26 (Book of the Year Contender!), Green Team #1, Superior Spider-Man #10.

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