In Memoriam



Watch out, mister! Here comes the twister! This is Rudy Ray Moore–yeah, I’m the Human Tornado! I chained down thunder and handcuffed lightning! I’m so damn strong it’s sometimes frightening! I grabbed a star traveling a million miles a minute and slowed it down to the state speed limit! Yes, I’m the Human Tornado! Winnin’, grinnin’ and sinnin’! I used an earthquake to mix MY milkshake! I eat an avalanche when I want ice cream! I punched a hurricane and made it a breeze! I swallowed an iceberg and didn’t freeze! The Human Tornado! Flingin’ cash and talkin’ trash! Delayed, relayed, mislaid AND parleyed! Jumped, stumped, bumped AND mugwumped! THE HUMAN TORNADO!

–Radio spot for the Human Tornado, 1976

12 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. I may as well post this. I never saw his movies, but I watched enough highlights to get why people would love him. I know he’ll be missed.

  2. What? Oh no…that is sad. He’ll be missed. My condolences go out to his family, friends and fans.

  3. “Mugwump” is perhaps the last word I expected to see used in this context. I’m getting flashbacks to Junior Year American history. Moore sure knew his Gilded Age protest movements.

  4. We’ll put our weight on it, Avenging Disco Godfather.

    Word is bond.

  5. Got-dang!

    That brother didn’t speak. He physically forced the human vocabulary to bend to his awesomeness. It was the only language the honkies could understand.

    There is bad ass, and then there is Dolemite. Somewhere in the afterlife, JFK’s getting bitch-slapped off his cloud. Dolemite sits wherever the hell it wants, fool!

  6. Damn.

    Now Patriot is going to have to show up in Captain America to ask Bucky what he’s doin’ with hisself.

    It’s only right.

    And seriously, no love for Petey Wheatstraw?

  7. Even the insecure, no-account rat soup-eatin’ MF’ers of the world must weep at the passing of Dolemite. Then again, they may be thinking that he’s faking his death again like he did near the House… on the Hill… in Pasadenaaa!

    If this isn’t a trick to lay low to get the jump on some chumps, rest in peace, Mr. Moore.