War Rocket Ajax #182: Hawk Talk With Matthew K. Manning


This week on War Rocket Ajax, we ambush Matthew K. Manning with a bunch of questions about his work on Tony Hawk’s 900 Revolution, a series of novels for kids about a team of x-treme sports youths searching the globe for pieces of Tony Hawk’s shattered skateboard. He also wrote some books about Superman and Batman, but let’s be real here: there’s only one thing we really want to talk about. Plus, Matt finally weighs in on GTA V and I got stitches all up in my head. It’s definitely a show!

War Rocket Ajax #182: Hawk Talk with Matthew K. Manning

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Show Notes:

Find out more about Matt Manning at matthewkmanning.com, or follow him on twitter @MatthewKManning!

Please someone buy all of the Tony Hawk’s 900 Revolution books and tell me about them in detail.

Manning’s favorite Superman story that he’s written, Superman and the Poisoned Planet

Don’t forget to grab The Superman Files too!

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