A Friendly Reminder From Jimmy Olsen



Sometimes, you gotta pay for it.


Tonight’s piece of advice from Otto Binder and Curt Swan’s classic “The Wolf-Man of Metropolis,” recently reprinted in DC’s Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen trade paperback. And always remember: Olsen = Pimp.

16 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder From Jimmy Olsen

  1. It might be the lack of sleep I’ve had over the last three nights, but for the first time, looking at that panel, I realize just how much cons would improve if all the Naruto cosplayers dressed up like Jimmy Olsen instead.

  2. ALL HIS SAVINGS? Either the “Planet” pays cub reporters slave wages, or the Metropolis “pretty girls in the park” have a good union working for them, if that’s the rate for a kiss.

  3. On top of everything else, if we’re following the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ template here, doesn’t the kiss have to be voluntary to work?

  4. I think “Pretty girl in the park” should be a new slang term.

    “Oh, Suzette? Yeah, she’s a total pretty girl in the park.”