25 thoughts on “And Then There Was the Time That the Punisher Flew Around On His Jetpack Shooting Guys With Laser Guns

  1. I like how he put the skull on the back of the helmet so even people trying to come up on him from behind would know who was going to kill them.

  2. I thought the whole point of the skull was to draw fire away from the more fragile parts of his body. Seems to me that, even if that helmet is bullet-proof, the Punisher will still get knocked for a loop if anyone hits him there.

  3. Regarding your American Pie tweet today: There’s a plaque on a table in a bar in my hometown that commemorates it as the spot Don McLean wrote the song.

    I hated that fucking table.

  4. Ah yes…. I believe Garth Ennis used this scene as a springboard for one of his MAX Punisher story arcs.

  5. Mike P, the Punisher is nuts. We’re talking Batman villain levels of crazy. That skull is a two headed coin, an umbrella, and a deck of playing cards.

  6. The Acts of Vengeance story where Frank goes toe to toe with Dr. Doom is still one of my very favorite stories with either character. The beauty is, it’s played 100% straight, and constructed in such a way that you actually believe the Punisher wouldn’t be a bloody stain on the floor at the end of the meeting.

  7. “I thought the whole point of the skull was to draw fire away from the more fragile parts of his body.”

    But… but it covers his entire torso. He’d rather be shot in the gut instead of the arm?

  8. I totally agree with Tim O’Neil. I thought Frank vs. Doom was awesome, particularly with all the shit-talkin’ Doom threw Fisk’s way…

    …just before Frank kicked him in his momma’s boy feelings.

    The man doesn’t fight dirty. ’cause in ‘Nam, you did things that made dirty look good.

  9. Anyone remember that NRA indoctrination series called the Punisher’s Armory? Just a bunch of gun drawings and then some comments by Frank making the firing of each one sound like a deep, meaningful, and vaguely sexual experience?

    Well, I do.

    For the life of me though, I can’t remember his rocket pack appearing in any of them. And that’s a serious oversight in my opinion.

  10. I have to say the guy in the corner is my favorite part of the panel.

    I can only imagine him desperately trying to disbelief the existence of Jetpack Punisher right before being shot fifty times in the face.

  11. I love the fact that Doom is totally being Doom in that story. “I don’t really care whether you live or die, and I could crush you like a bug…but you’ve got a very pretty painting that I don’t want damaged. OK. You live. For now.”

    That is so Doom.

  12. Hell, I need to just buy those Essentials: I had all those and lost most of them over the years. I just looked it up yesterday, though: Quasar appears on the cover to #29, which inexplicably makes me happy.

  13. Sky Marshal of the Universe would have been so much better this way.

    Frank taking on Doom proves Ace Hunter’s famous maxim: “The Good Guys always Win…Even in the 80’s.”

  14. Ha! Awesome! I own that page. I have it up above my fireplace in my basement!

    That’s nothing. Hanging above my fireplace?

    The Jetpack.

  15. @ Tyson –
    Noice one, bruvva! Though at $100K I’m gonna pass.

    Also, my comment was just a sample of some graffiti from Warren Ellis’ fabu Doktor Sleepless #1.

    Stuck. In. My. Brain.

  16. Hanging above my fireplace?

    A NOTARIZED STATEMENT from Doom himself denying the incident in question ever happened.

  17. In the 2004 film, the scene where Howard Saint’s wife orders the hit, who is the big guy with the gottee in the photos with Frank Castle that Howard Saint holds up in his limo?