10 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: OMAC ’09!

  1. Get those jokes in while you can. We’ll soon all be repressing that memory.
    Such an unpleasant man.

  2. OMAC is in for a fight, then, because Dick Cheney is like Brother Eye. He can only be harmed by another machine of equal or larger size. I’ve had to rewrite a cartoon with Cheney because I couldn’t draw his contempuous sneer quite right.

  3. There was a half-price sale in Forbidden Planet: Glasgow. I picked up Kirby OMAC and Walt Simonson Thor volume 5.

    I wish someone had warned me not to read them back to back. My head’s just been reattached after the firemen got it down off the roof.

  4. OMAC hits guys so hard they do physics defying forward somersaults!

    I love the hell out of OMAC. I still support a feature, unless I missed it, here on the ISB where OMAC defeats an army of 100,000 men with the EJECTION SEAT of his rocket. Because that’s awesome.

  5. OT: I’ll be curious to hear what you think of Pushing Daisies, Chris.

    For me, it went from being a quirky yet enjoyable series, to about the only high spot in this TV season.

    Plus, I now emulate Emerson Cod in every way.

    “Oh, Hell No!”

  6. Oh, I love it. I missed out on most of the first season because I don’t get home ’til halfway through it on Wednesday nights, then I remembered that I’m stupid and have a DVR.