Bonus Content

In addition to the ISB, the Action Age and War Rocket Ajax, I’m also a freelance comedy writer with work in several places around the web. So if you want to see what it’s like when I’m writing for someone who pays me, here’s where to look:


I’m a regular contributor to ComicsAlliance, working under Laura Hudson. I generally do at least three articles a week over there, and you can find them all here:

The ComicsAlliance Chris Sims Archive

If you’re looking for a specific piece, it’s probably one of these:

Rejected First Drafts of Kevin Smith’s Batman

Super-Hero Missed Connections

Marvel’s Craziest Swimsuit Issues

The Worst Sex Scene In Comics

Super-Social Networking: Comic Book Character Facebook Status Updates


The Worst of Netflix

Every week, I watch the worst one-star movies that Netflix has to offer, reviewing each one for your reading pleasure.’s Worst of Netflix Archive


Complex Magazine


The 40 Most Brutal Comics Ever


CRACKED Magazine


The Master Plan: A Beginner’s Guide to Supervillainy:

Lesson One: Lairs
Lesson Two: Henchmen


The CRACKED Encyclopedia of Film

Christmas Comedies
The RomCom Roundup
The Best and Worst of Ben Stiller


Scenes You Won’t Be Seeing in Superman Returns
The Second to Tenth Craziest Things Keith Richards Ever Snorted
Notes on the First Draft of Spider-Man 3
Pop Culture’s Top Five Mayors
5 Cobra Commander Terror Plots that Might’ve Actually Worked


Prism Comics


Revolt of the Girl Legionnaires!
The Hoard of Midas Moran!
The Word Still Needs… The Champions!
Tomb of Blood!
Battle of the Jitterbugs!
The Forbidden Fruit!
Jimmy Olsen’s Boo-Boos!
Fall of a Hero!
The Three Magic Wishes!


The Prism Comics 2007 LBGT Comics Guide


Available through Diamond via April’s Previews for the low price of $5.95, this is not only the definitive guide to the gay comics scene, but it’s now over eighty percent more awesome, thanks to my contributions.

I did three Women’s Magazine-style quizzes: “How Super-Villain Are You?,” “Are You A Hero… Or A Sidekick?”; and “Are YOU A Mutant?”; all designed to entertain and inform.

Pretty much just entertain though, really.


I contributed to 2008’s Teenagers From the Future, a collection of essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes. My bit is about the strange, arbitrary, and often cruel rules and regulations of the Legion Constitution, and why this is the perfect thing for a bunch of kids with super-powers to come up with.

The book is available on Amazon, and your local comic book store might have one in stock as well. I know mine does!