War Rocket Ajax #162: Hertz Rental Car Ridin’ Listener Questions Special


After last week’s HeroesCon Sketchbook Special, we are back at the microphones for this week’s episode of War Rocket Ajax, and boy howdy, do we have a lot to discuss. We talk about the shocking return of ComicsAlliance, the surreal crowd interaction of HeroesCon and RepubliCon, new apartments, comedy shows, and all manner of other things, and that’s before we get into Listener Questions! It’s an all-Chris-and-Matt special where we tackle your missives, and you can listen to it right here:

War Rocket Ajax #119: Hertz Rental Car Ridin’

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Show Notes:

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We love The Rob.

Fuck this guy. And THIS guy.


Chris’s Rec: A bunch of comedy albums, including Kyle Kinane’s Whiskey Icarus!

Matt’s Rec: Arrested Development Season 4

Comics Reviewed: Batman #21, Superman Unchained #1, Green Hornet #1 – 2.