Movie Fighters: Equestria Girls

A bridge too far, even for me.
This week, the Movie Fighters podcast returns for 2014, as we go toe-to-hoof with My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, quite possibly the weirdest movie we have ever watched.

I’ve been a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic since day one, but this was Matt’s first time watching anything that had to do with the series, and I could not have picked a worse introduction to the show. After being declared a princess in events that I missed (I keep forgetting to set my DVR), Twilight Sparkle goes through a magic mirror to a world where all of her pony friends are now pastel humans, seeking out a magic crown that can only be won in a literal popularity contest. Before long, the ponies that are now girls engage in what I can only describe as erotic pony play.

That’s not a joke.

That actually happens.

It’s weird as all hell, and mystifying for both of us as we try to figure out just what the hell happened and why, and you can get the whole episode for just one dollar! Check it out, and support the Movie Fighters as we move into our second two-fisted year!

War Rocket Ajax #173: Quelling the Moral Tremors with Ted Anderson


This week on War Rocket Ajax, we use the words “cutie mark” way more than you’d expect, even from a show with me on it. We’ve got Ted Anderson, writer of two issues of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic micro-series, and the official (well, maybe official) “NPR Brony.” We’ll talk about the appeal of the show, Ted’s connections, and the minefield of obsessive fandom in this week’s episode! Cheeeeeeeeck it out!

War Rocket Ajax #173: Quelling the Moral Tremors with Ted Anderson

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Show Notes:

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The Geof Darrow interview that Matt saved.

The webcomic Ted mentioned about his admission of MLP fandom.

“Various Pony News Sites.”

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