War Rocket Ajax #172: Subtle as a Freight Train with Spike Trotman!


War Rocket Ajax is back, and this week, we’ve got an incredible, high-energy interview with Spike Trotman, the creator of Templar, AZ, the writer of Poorcraft and the publisher of Smut Peddler! She tells us all about her history in comics and — amazingly — brings up pro wrestling and Achewood without being prompted at all. I think that means we’re besties now.

Plus, Matt and I discuss SummerSlam and unlimited meats, I gush even more about Saints Row IV, and Matt earns a new nickname!

War Rocket Ajax #172: Subtle as a Freight Train with Spike Trotman

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Show Notes:

Follow Spike on Twitter, and catch up on eight years of Templar, AZ!  And while you’re at it, grab Poorcraft too!

Spike’s spirit animal, the majestic White Tiger.

Pictures from SummerSlam, part one!

Watch Daniel Bryan knee the ever-living heck out of John Cena’s head (thanks, Chris Haley).

Chris’s Rec: Saints Row IV

Matt’s Rec: Pixel Scenery

Comics Reviewed: Superman Unchained #3, Daredevil #30