War Rocket Ajax #163: Part of the Patriarchy with Jamal Igle

This week on War Rocket Ajax, we’re thrilled to welcome Jamal Igle to the show! You’ve seen his work on Supergirl, Firestorm and a ton of other comics, and now he’s gearing up for the release of Molly Danger, a creator-owned, Kickstarter-funded series coming out from Action Lab. We talk to him about that, and about the controversy he stirred up when he tried to draw a Supergirl comic without a bunch of upskirt shots.

Plus, Matt and I get strangely loopy for the first half and end up talking about my new Nikes. It’s a weird show.

War Rocket Ajax #163: Part of the Patriarchy with Jamal Igle

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Show Notes

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Vergil from DmC has terrible fashion sense.

Follow Jamal on Twitter, and pre-order Molly Danger on on Amazon.

If you missed it on FCBD, you can grab the Molly Danger preview for free at Comixology.

Jamal’s interview about Supergirl’s shorts. It’s a weird one.

Speaking of, here was his redesign: SKORT!


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