A Brief History of ROM: Spaceknight



As long-time ISB readers will be aware, I love the hell out of some ROM: Spaceknight, which puts me squarely in the target audience for Annihilators, a new series where Marvel’s cosmic heroes are dealing with plot points left over from Bill Mantlo’s epic space opera. Unfortunately, ROM fans are dwindling in number due to a lack of reprints which is why today, I’ve written up what I’m going to go ahead and declare the most comprehensive discussion of ROM and his origins posted this week on a major comics news site.

It’s interesting stuff, and as unlikely as it seems, it’s the only story in comics that unites the Shah of Iran and Canadian stuntman Rick Rojatt. Believe it.

7 thoughts on “A Brief History of ROM: Spaceknight

  1. One peculiarity (that I am just barely old enough to remember): the ROM toy lasted maybe a year. As noted, it wasn’t that great a toy by itself, and the manufacturer never put any effort into making follow-ons — opponents, additional accessories, what have you.

    This is in sharp contrast to (for instance) the Micronauts, which were a whole line of toys. The Micronauts had at least three waves of new product, and were a staple on toy shop shelves throughout the late 1970s. As a kid c. 1980, I had a big box full of Micronauts. They were awesome.

    Where was I… oh yah. So the comic series outlasted its parent toy by *years*. Like, five or six years. Long after ROM the toy had disappeared from the shelves, ROM the Spaceknight was still going strong.

    I’m sure there are other examples of this, but I can’t think of any offhand.

    Doug M.

  2. I actually have a Rom Spaceknight.

    Got it from a Salvation Army. Minimal accessories, but the electronics still worked. Actually cost me less than my copy of ROM issue 1.

  3. I think ROM fans are also dwindling for the same reason that references to the Lindbergh baby and Dobie Gillis are dwindling. Time is a harsh mistress.

  4. Hey Chris, seeing as you love the hell out of ROM i was wondering if you knew about this Rom centric blog site that’s been running for just under a year : http://romspaceknightart.blogspot.com/
    also, rumor has it some years back gave somebody who had a site called romandme.com a pretty hard time which caused them to shut down that blog and disappear. of course that’s just a rumor. and as to the “dwindling” ROM fan numbers i think i’d give the ROM fan base out there a bit more credit then that. running my ROM blog has offered some insight on that matter plus your comics alliance article stirred up quite a bit of commentary.