33 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder From Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema

  1. It’s as if someone had stuffed Frank Castle into a toaster exoskeleton.

    (And added just a touch of Asgardian to his diction.)

  2. Hearing all the greatness about ROM the Spaceknight, I’ve always wanted to read the comics.

    But seeing the badassitude behind this… my God… what have I been missing?!?!?!?!

  3. Although unfortunately the legendary toy it was based on is best left in the same category as most of the lost black and white doctor who footage- far better remembered than seen.

  4. I understand WHY we’ll probably never see ROM or the Micronauts reprinted. And that is a shame, because what Bill Mantlo did with both titles was just awesome. I really need to go fill in the holes in my ROM run…

  5. “Death — and only death — is the fate most fitting for your vile race.”

    What is he, the Space KKK?

  6. I.

    Have ALL of his comics and appearances.

    Have the “doll” (2 of ’em actually. One M.I.B.).

    And yet… that’s not enough.

    I… nay… the WORLD… NEEDS more ROM!

  7. Oh, and I know it’s been said before, but…
    SECRET INVASION was much better the FIRST time.
    When it was a series called:

    Damn straight!

  8. Please tell me there were at least two panels following in which ROM wipes his hands on the grass, complaining how he never remembers to bring a towel.

  9. Skizelo,

    The next two panels showed ROM going up to a Wraith Ship and wiping his hands on it what a big Fuck you attitude!!

    Either that or he used some of the goo as war paint on his armor and proceeded to go all Bat-Shit on all Wraiths!!

  10. What is he, the Space KKK?

    Well, ROM did spend two hundred years essentially committing genocide, but to be fair, the Dire Wraiths come from a planet so evil that Galactus couldn’t eat it (ROM #26), so…

    Wouldn’t you love to see ROM come back in some form in the Marvel space based comics?

    Just so you guys know, there’s a certain comics afficionado/freelance writer whose blog you may be reading right now who has totally kickass plans for a SPACEKNIGHT series.

  11. Oh, Rom. How I love Rom. I still have my old Rom action figure. All of his electronics still work, too! I really, really wish Marvel could release the old Rom comics in an Essentials collection, but I know it will never happen. *Sigh.* :-(

  12. Where is this blog of joy, Chris?

    It’s also worth noting that Rom finally loses his shit and goes postal on a group of Dire Wraiths because for the last two issues the Wraith Witches had been abducting children and turning them into monsters that were butchering the rest of the townsfolk. In doing so they officially Crossed The Line.

  13. Next panel: “Oh, I probably should’ve finished that thought BEFORE I killed you both. Now, I’m just talking to myself … man, I’ve spent too many years in space. Hah, hah … reminds me of the time, actually … I was flying past Ophion 6, which is uninhabited but, for the purposes of this story, that’s not important. ANY-hoo …”

  14. Man, I’ve seen this scene in a lot of movies…the Cop walks in and the Bad Guy smirks and holds out his hands to be cuffed and the Cop chucks his badge out the window and you know it is on like Grey Poupon, but it took Bill Mantlo to finish it with a “Three Stooges Special” that reduced the crooks to a smoldering pile of goo!

  15. “Where is this blog of joy, Chris?”

    I’m guessing Chris means this blog, this writer.

    *pictures Sims in a despondent Ben Grimm pose*

    I have to go through my longboxes and see how many ROMs I’ve managed to collect so far.

  16. So at what point did the Dire Wraiths go from being made of delicious vanilla pudding to the big, pink, toothy, tentacley things they were in the few, later issues of Rom (and one issue of X-Men) I had as a kid?

  17. ROM is of course a military man, and as General Patton once said “When you put your hand into a bunch of goo that a moment before was a dire wraith’s face, you’ll know what to do.” And how.

  18. Bill D., good question. The Dire Wraiths got a reboot around (working from memory here) Rom #50, where it was revealed that the custard-guys were the males (not that bright, basically mopes) and the pink toothy tentacly ones were the females (rarer, smarter, and much more dangerous).

    IMS the males used both technology and sorcery, while the females used strictly magic, but were really good at it. Also, they ate brains.

    Yeah, Bill Mantlo. We didn’t appreciate him enough when we had him.

    Doug M.

  19. THOR vs ROM… Space Phantom sets it up with the help of Loki- Wraith Resurrection or some such. Man that would be something to see.

    I am guessing ROM would make a KTANG noise when Mjolnir goes upside his head. :)

  20. You know ROM could completely take a hit from Mjolnir. He could probably pick it up as well – becoming: ROM THOR.

  21. Of course ROM could pick up Mjolnir, ‘cos its inertia-manipulating makicks do not work in space. I mean, if Red Hulk can pick up Mjolnir in space, then ROM, or indeed, like, I dunno, Flat Man, or someone, could.

    Goddamn it, Loeb. :(