21 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder From Captain Marvel

  1. The next year, the ape returned to wreak vengeance, this time painted blue from head to toe. It was a precursor to the now-famous Silver Age “re-imaginings.”

  2. That is exactly how I felt about Bush, Cheney, Rove, and Limbaugh for the last 8 years.

  3. It’s true; Arrested Development references make everything better!

  4. Captain Marvel is simply referring to the outright swipe of the primate AU concept. Wouldn’t you be pissed if your Marvelous competition totally ripped-off JLApe with what seems like no one noticing or caring?

  5. Wasn’t there supposed to be TPB of the original Monster Society of Evil in the works?

  6. One of Solomon’s lesser known bits of wisdom:

    If a monkey steals your bananas, you knock it the f**k out!

    Along the same lines as cutting a baby in two, I guess, but less popular for some reason.

  7. I guess CM might be annoyed about Marvel going ape, if he’s got over DC killing his comic and then buying him up…

  8. “What is with the DC Universe and all their evil apes?”

    Maybe he’s not evil. Maybe he’s just poor and desperate, and Cap is just knocking the symptom the fuck out.

    Nah, those cut offs indicate he’s pretty evil.

  9. MSJ: Someone didn’t read Marvel Apes. There’s an entire version of earth populated by evil vampire apes in the MU.