23 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder From Leo Dorfman and Murphy Anderson

  1. Mod Mob, eh? They were probably just trying to get Supes to change his “undies on the outside” look, and to use a few more patterns in place of solid primary colors. You’d think Jimmy “Plaid Bow Tie” Olsen, of all people, would understand that.

  2. If you have a dream about kicking Jimmy Olsen’s ass, you better wake up and apologize.

    Jimmy Wang… Jimmy Wong… fuckin Charlie Chan.

  3. They didn’t call him Mister Action for nothing.

    I’ve often wondered if that title was self-awarded. Kind of like a friend of mine who requested that we all call him The Penetrator from now on. Bet you can guess how well that’s working out for him.

  4. I was awfully nice of Lemmy to pretend that he would allow anyone to lay a hand on him without being destroyed.

  5. That’s the S on his cape upside down because his cape is going the other way.

    Jimmy should be the new Batman.

  6. Jimmy should be the new Batman.

    If we all chant loud enough, maybe Grant Morrison will hear us!

  7. That was my thought, if Grant Morrison wants to drop all sorts of insane Silver Age references you may as well make the new Batman the poster boy of “Because Bob Haney” style storytelling.

  8. “That’s the S on his cape upside down because his cape is going the other way.”

    Yeah, I know…I just wanted to make a funny. I think I did it wrong :)

  9. Is Jimmy Olsen using the Kryptonian martial art Klurkor, or just administering a good ol’ fashioned Suicide Slum Beatdown?

    Does it matter?


    Beat some bitch ass, Olsen! BOOYAH!

  10. I’m pretty sure Jimmy’s going to give the guy in the middle of the ass whuppin’ montage a german suplex, given that waste lock he’s applying. Well, that what I’m going to imagine. If Final Crisis taught me one thing, it’s that comics are much better when I fill in all of the important story beats myself.

  11. That’s not Lemmy unless Jimmy Olsen knocked his moles off, and I seriously doubt that.

  12. What does Superman think will happen to these guys when they go to prison and everyone finds out how Jimmy Olsen had to be told to stop kicking their asses?