A Friendly Reminder From ROM, Spaceknight

When engaged in a fistfight with a zombie mammoth…



…the jet-powered uppercut is usually your best bet.


Bill Mantlo’s genius soars to new heights in ROM: Spaceknight #46, wherein ROM and Brandy team up with communists and punch out the paleolithic undead. And that’s REAL.

15 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder From ROM, Spaceknight

  1. I always liked Darkstar. And you can never go wrong with punching out zombie mammoths.

  2. Wait, how secure can a Securasphere be if its populated by zombie mammoths? They probably promised an on-site laundry facility, and 24 hour gym, too. ROM should get his deposit back.

  3. ROM and zombie mammoths!?!?


    Also, is “ROM” supposed to be all in capitals? Are they his initials or something? Or does everyone shout when saying his name?

  4. ROM is awesome!
    ROM is great!

    ROM should be read and spoken and THOUGHT of… all in CAPS – ALWAYS!

    If the Silver Surfer is “space Jesus” based on how Jesus is perceived in the Bible, then ROM is “space Jesus” how the Jews were HOPING he’d arrive to defeat the Romans.
    All kick-ass and uppercuts!



  5. Everytime I see something ROM related on the ISB it makes me sad that I have never read or own any of the ROM greatness. Way to bring my day down Sims. . .

  6. Patrick – I was inspired by the ISB and bought a bunch of ROM’s for my brother for X-Mas/Birthday presnets. They were not quarter bin comics, but were not that expensive, and it time will only grow in value so you can sell ROM #1 on e-bay for like a million dollars to fund your retirement. Anyway – it really was worth it.
    It is more fun getting them at a shop because you can have conversations, like this one:

    Hey, you got any ROM’s?
    The Space Knight??
    Yeah, that’s right. ROM the Space Knight
    Uh, Let me check the back.

    All the other customers in the shop will fall quiet, then glance down at their “super infinite civil war countdown crisis death of character because we are creatively bankrupt” comic books, and suddenly know what has been lost in this great future of ours.

    Then, ask for the 4 Issue Rocket Raccoon Limited Series – and watch their heads explode.
    Can we have another ROM week?

  7. Can we have another ROM week?

    Hell, how about a ROM month?

    How about Chris’s own version of the “ROM and Me” site?

  8. Someday, somehow, I will free ROM from the contractual limbo to which he himself has been banished. And then… he shall team up with Hellcow.


  9. And this issue was so great that it was the last one translated in French !!!!
    What is more frightening is that , in the french version, all the corpses near the pit were erased and the zombie animals were somehow “healed” because they were too frightening as they were…
    I have a nice french/Us versions compare resume, with all the alterations made, and some are quite disturbing…:p
    It just need a place to be puslished on the net if anyone is interested (my comics blog is not this place.I send it to Lee Seitz and he seemed interested but I think he is too busy …)

  10. This has made me all sorts of happy.

    ROM makes me happy.

    Please feel free to add copious amount of ROM content to your site at any time.

    I am full of ROM-joy. Yeah!

  11. Given that BMB seems to be poorly recycling the Dire Wraith invasion and every other Skrull story now would be a good time for Quesada to get ROM back…

    Hell if SI has a return of ROM I’ll forgive them for 34% of the stupid stories they’ve done. Come on Marvel! MORE MANTLO!

    Also, who was the artist there?

  12. Sal Buscema with Akin and Garvey as inkers (Sal Buscema hated the result, which is shocking as almost everybody find it so beautiful!)

  13. I just read this issue the other day (I am doing my level best to try to read the ROM issues in order.) It is every bit of the old school fun I thought it would, complete with Atari and D&D (which was just coming out) ads throughout the comics.