15 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder From the Black Panther

  1. Black Panther by Jack Kirby is hugely underrated.

    It might be some of my favorite Kirby stuff.

  2. It’s certainly among the Kirbiest Kirby out there. You could give someone a copy and say this is Kirby and they could get it. It’s all things that make Kirby King indeed. It’s all the weirdo stuff, the foreshortened arms and legs flying out more than ever. Bizarro plotting and over-the-top dialogue.

    It’s not my absolute favorite Kirby, but I agree. It’s where I go when I need a super-concentrated dose.

  3. I can’t even imagine what kind of weird jump he’s doing there.

  4. Everybody jump AROUND! Jump AROUND! Jump up jump up and get DOWN! Jump jump jump jump….

  5. Given your normal attention to “someone else did that joke first” issues, I figured you must have just missed Mike’s post, as you just confirmed. But I’m quite surprised that you don’t read Mike’s blog every day! Your two blogs are the first two I read every morning and I think of you as two peas in a pod. (To be fair, your scan was better, and I’ve now switched out which scan I use in my rotating wallpaper menu)

    Mike’s series of posts from this series got me to finally read it and oh boy! So crazy! I would dare say it’s Kirby’s second most absurd (absurd or absurdist? or both?) series after OMAC (your favorite and mine).