Action Age Comics: The Monster Mash-Up Has Arrived!

Monster Plus #1 is live now at the Action Age of Comics!



Click the image above to head over to the Action Age for the first issue of Chad, Nathan and Andrew’s Monster Plus! It’s twelve pages of story, PLUS an introductory text piece, PLUS a beautiful full-color pin-up by our English workhorse, Matthew Allen Smith!

On a personal note, as much as I think Monster Plus is a hoot of a comic, it did make me hate my writing partner just a little bit. I mean, I thought I had the Villain of the Year locked up when I came up with Tyrannosaurus Hex, but on page six of M+, Chad blows pretty much everyone out of the way with the sensational character find of 2009.

So get over there and give it a read, folks, then let us know what you think!

19 thoughts on “Action Age Comics: The Monster Mash-Up Has Arrived!

  1. While I’m not arguing, I think it’s clear that the inspiration for page 6 can be found on page 7. Haven’t laughed that hard in some time.

  2. I’m now eagerly awaiting the crazed goodness that will be called Action Age Comics Presents #1: Tyrannosaurus Hex vs HitlerFist.

    Holla at me when it’s ready.

  3. That’s it. As a society, humanity has ignored the phrase “right in the Goebbels” for too long. It must, and I stress must, come into the vernacular. It’s hands-down the best thing I’ve ever heard.

  4. As awesome as HitlerFist is, I have a special fondness for Tyrannosaurus Hex because she combines my love of dinosaurs and puns, with the added wonderfulness of being a witch.

  5. “Rad” Chad Bowers has created a character that appeals to both sides of the ISB’s utterly baffling but heated “Why doesn’t Hitler ever get to punch anyone?” debate. Now those people who feel sorry for poor Cartoon Hitler can see him punch people, but each time he does so, he is himself hit in the face. Bravo, Chad. I won’t say you’ve shown the wisdom of Solomon, because I think the wisdom of Solomon viz a viz Cartoon Hitler would be more like the wisdom of David viz a viz the Amalekites, but I will say it’s a hilariously awesome character.

  6. Hitlerfist. Man, that’s genius. I wonder why Arnim Zola never came up with that idea?

    Of course, MODOK had that guy with Pol Pot for nipples, but it’s hardly in the same league.

  7. Fists of Fuhrer is probably the pinnacle of language. no phrase will ever top that.

  8. Careful, Sims, the last time someone wrote something this batshit insane, they shot him into space along with his creation. R.K., I think they called him.

  9. Out of 10:

    Cover = 10
    Writing/Story = 8
    Art = 5 (sorry)

    HitlerFist = 20 gajillion. Sensational character find of 2008? I honestly think that’s possibly the greatest original character I’ve ever seen in ANY comic in recent memory.

  10. “Right in the Goebbels” = Best New Phrase of 2009.

    In terms of constructive criticism, I’m not sure the art keeps up with the writing, but maybe it will grow on me. Great work overall.

  11. In terms of constructive criticism-
    I never finished writing a comic, and I sure as hell would not be able to write a blog with daily content as consistently great as the ISB, so I have no constructive criticism.

  12. Mother of god, Hitlerfist straight broke my shit. I think I seriously lost motor function in two of my toes and forgot my when my mother’s birthday was. awesome.

  13. Well… that was pretty fantastic.

    Pretty darn fantastic indeed! I’m looking forward to the rest of the story.