20 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: December 9

  1. My favorite Christmas song ever, and way up on the list of my favorite songs, period. I almost don’t like to listen to it at any other time just because the association with the holiday is so strong.

  2. I love this song! They play it every Christmas on Coronation Street.
    …er, so I am told.

  3. It’s officially Christmas time! Let’s get drunk and lonely!

    God, I keep forgetting what an astonishing specimen Shane is.

  4. Dear Chris,

    I am sorry to be off topic, but I would like – if I may – to elicit your comment on the breaking news of how Grant Morrison intends to bring back Batman, which happens to be with a mini-series showcasing caveman Batman, pirate Batman, puritan Batman, P.I. Batman etc.
    Even though the brilliant premise of hobo Batman wasn’t carried out so well, I have to say: God bless that crazy Scot.
    Our world is a better place with him writing comics.

    Carry on.

  5. Like Meanderthal, this is my favorite Christmas song and one of my favorite songs of all time. One of the best written songs ever.

    We miss you, Kirsty.

  6. First of your Christmas Countdown songs I actually really like. ‘Tis a great song by a great band indeed.

  7. How do you continue putting up songs after you have put up this one? Nothing else compares.

  8. My favorite Pogues song, one of my favorite Christmas songs, and my birthday all on the same day? Why, Chris, you charmer.

  9. Great song! Great band! I’m belaboring the obvious by saying you’re a man with great taste Mr. Sims. Happy Holidays to you and yours. May all your kicks to the face be of the comic variety.

    I noticed you left Nova off your shopping list last week. Are you dropping the title?

  10. Why is Dr. Girlfriend singing the male part and the Monarch singing the girl part?

    Fairytale of New York has been declared the last of the great Christmas songs, that is, there really haven’t been any great Christmas songs made since then. And I have to concur.

  11. Yeah, but Fairytale of New York was my least favorite of the Venture Christmas extras thus far. (Which is like picking my least favorite Fourth World book.) Venture Aid 2006 had practically the whole cast at the time, and they even managed to make “Hard Candy Christmas” super awesome.

  12. Thrillho,

    Good question. Though I think they’ve established via flashbacks (particularly the backstory on Master Billy Quizboy and the beginning of the Monarch/Dr. Girlfriend relationship) that Dr. Girlfriend is, in fact, a woman, albeit one with a really weird voice

  13. I was speaking figuratively, I assure you. My take on Dr. Girlfriend is that she is a very minor freak of nature: a woman of astonishing beauty, grace, and intelligence, but cursed with the voice of a Longshoreman. No more complicated explanation is required, or desired for that matter.