16 thoughts on “An Important Announcement

  1. For a second, before I realized they were drawn by different artists, and until I got to the last panel, I thought this was an acttual sequence, where Conan just drinks and drinks.

  2. In the very early Conan stories, Robert E. Howard had Conan as a somewhat more flawed individual than he’d later become (apparently the old pulp editors liked the unbeatable, badass, wenching, infallible, James Bond-style Conan and pressured Howard to keep him in that mode). In those stories, Howard strongly suggests Conan’s an alcoholic–not that anyone would have used that phrase either in the 30s or the Hyborian Age, but it’s mentioned a few times that he tends to drink himself into trouble. He’s also manic-depressive, but that’s another story.

  3. “Looks like he’s getting more on him than in him. Wasteful.”

    That’s because he’s not drinking. He’s QUAFFING. As I understand it, this was popular at one point, and involved pouring at least 75% of the liquor in your mug down your front. There was also singing involved, apparently.

  4. They should try addressing Conan’s alchoholic nature in a serious manner in the current series. If they don’t, people are going to start imagining that he will die while wasted falling from a tavern roof or something.

  5. I went through all eleven volumes of Dark Horse’s Chronicles of Conan last night to get those, so I’m not actually sure.

  6. They should try addressing Conan’s alchoholic nature in a serious manner in the current series.

    How, exactly, does one get Conan to sit down for an intervention?

    “Conan, all the other barbarians and I are concerned that your drinking is interfering with with your pillaging. And we’re only here because we love you.”


    Hack hack. Slashy slashy. Lots of dead but concerned barbarians later, Conan is still drowning his troubles in a vat of Hyborean ale.

  7. Did Roy Thomas ever adapt any of Howard’s “Sailor Dorgan” stories for Conan? Appealed to my sense of humour…