24 thoughts on “And Now…

  1. You know, I always found ROM’s pragmatic approach to art criticism to be something of a repellent. His refusal to look at the deeper symbolism of a given work was reason enough for me not to take him seriously.

  2. Norman Rockwell’s work never caused that sort of reaction in spaceknights.

    And that is why he was America’s greatest artist.

  3. One of the greatest joys in life is when a creator shows you something that you desperately needed, but didn’t know. This is a perfect example.

  4. Trevor, I think what you’re missing is that ROM was the “people’s art critic”. He had that certain je ne c’est quoi that allowed him to succinctly sum up that man-on-the-street’s impression of art.

    Also a mean right hook.

  5. ROM, that is an impressively insightful commentary upon the representative nature of artwork. And applying that perceptional differences that are usually only concerned with traditional gallery art to architectural standards was a brilliant insight into the existential nature of I. M. Pei’s brick period demonstrates that your keen insight cannot be denied. Tell me, ROM, what do you think of the current trend toward making artistic statements in the selection of the individual types of pigments used in portraits?

  6. I recently read a mid-80s Marvel Team-Up with Ant-Man and Spider-Man, battling a very new villain named Taskmaster, and the issue starts with Scott Lang shrunken down and repairing wiring in a machine. He grows, and the machine is a Rom electronic figure he was fixing for his daughter. Cross-promotion at its best! Sadly, that issue will now never be reprinted, because it mentions “Spaceknight Who Shall Not Be Named.” Sigh. Thank goodness it was 50 cents!

  7. I want to Photoshop ROM’s dialogue and replace “That portrait” with “The cake”, but I know I’d hate myself in the morning.

    Trust Sims to thankfully find the classier route.

  8. Methinks Rom is missing the deeper implications. Scott McCloud needs to pop up and set him right.

  9. Has anyone else heard stories about his college years? Apparently he’s progressed a lot since…

  10. I get it! Since ROM is a picture himself, a picture of a pipe is a pipe to him, even if too us its just a picutre of a pipe and therefor is not a pipe which means Magritte isn’t lieing to us, but is to ROM. Wait, in ROM’s world the picture of the pipe is still a… no, I don’t get it. Still, punching a column! Its a win!

  11. ROM has taken the advice of Tony the Pimp, the true hero of the 1985 Italian horror masterpiece DEMONS: he’ll “smash everything, smash everything!!”