28 thoughts on “And Now…

  1. It says it right in the SHIELD manual: No operative is going to earn a name like “Dum Dum” by not punching out radioactive lizards from the bottom of the ocean.

  2. I’d always wondered if Essential Godzilla was actually worth picking up, I now know it is.

  3. That’s either a very short Godzilla or a very large Dugan.

    At their regular sizes I can’t see it being such a successful strategy.

  4. Wait, wait, wait – how did Dum-Dum grow to kaiju size?

    (and don’t say Pym particles.)

  5. KWUD!? That is so awesome. Whoever matched that onomatopoeia with this panel is a genius.

  6. So Marvel can keep the rights to Godzilla so they can do an Essential but no ROM? What the hell?

    Also does this have the Champions fighting Godzilla or is that in their collections?

  7. Awesome. I’m buying this post-haste. Now we need a a collection for the Art Adams Godzilla stories.

  8. If Essential Godzilla is, in fact, getting scarce on the shelves, now’s a good time to pick it up, because Marvel only paid for the rights for *one* printing.

  9. J. Jonah Jameson’s aproach? First page of the Daily Bugle: “Godzilla: Hero or Menace?”

  10. No, Threat or Menace.

    Jolly JJ knows his opinions, and isn’t afraid to say ’em.

    Unless he did the other one in the comic, in which case mea culpa.

  11. Best line in the book:

    “[Godzilla] flushed out the varmints, located my missing cattle, saved my ranch, and stopped a murderer. Only thing he didn’t do is save the schoolmarm from a fate worse’n death.

    If he ain’t got a brain, he sure is good at wingin’ it.”

  12. PS

    Chris, you should really show the panel that follows this one. (In all fairness.)

  13. Oh no! They say he’s got to go! Go go Godzilla!

    Oh no! There goes Soho! Go go Godzilla!

    (With all due apologies to the Blue Oyster Cult. I tried to make this better but I couldn’t think of anything that rhymed with “he gets in a fight with Dum-Dum Dugan”).

  14. I’m actually shocked to see this available still, since there was only one printing and it came out in 2006. I snatched it up the second it hit the shelves and loved it to death. Godzilla fights giant monsters! SHIELD! The Champions! Cowboys! (Yes, cowboys. And it ROCKS!) Gets sent back into the past and fights against and then alongside Devil Dinosaur. And of course, there’s the jarring oddity of everyone associated with Dr. Demonicus calling Gabe Jones “BLACK MAN” as what seems to be an insult, but what the hey. Great book.

    Now if only Marvel would drop a license fee for a single printing of the Shogun Warriors comic as an essential, and I’d be a happy camper.

  15. Until I finally picked up an issue of Godzilla, I didn’t think SHIELD was involved in the series. Transformers was eventually written out of 616 like the extra Winslow kid. Godzilla, however, is still considered in continuity, and even mentioned more than once in “All-New Iron Manual”.

    Was Red Ronin’s first appearance in Godzilla? And was it used again outside of MegaMorphs?

  16. Red Ronin pops up here and there whenever a writer realizes he needs to throw something awesome into his work, but not with any regularity that I know of.