And Now…

…A conversation I had with myself on Twitter entitled “Remember That Time There Was a Character In The DC Universe Named Hella?”



“You know, these days they give a lot of terrible comic book characters very peculiar names!”

“Strange names?”

“Yes, unusual names!”

“Like who?”

“Like this character. Now this character Hella sucks.”

“Which character?”


“Yeah I heard you, which character hella sucks?”

“The one from Nightwing.”

“Fine, which character from Nightwing sucks?”

“Hella! Hella sucks!”


“You’re not listening! The character… HELLA… sucks.”

“The character hella sucks.”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, Hella sucks!”

“Oh I don’t think so, I like ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart,’ but that’s not what we’re talking about.”



“What do you mean yes?!”

“Yes what?”

“Yes hella sucks. That’s what you think anyway.”

“YES! I DO think Hella sucks!”

“You think WHAT hella sucks?”

“I don’t know!”


18 thoughts on “And Now…

  1. Good thing you didn’t make any typos, or one might get the false impression you were talking smack about the Norse goddess Hela.

  2. Wow. You MUST be a bad super-person if you don’t even have a Wikipedia page.

    I mean, Killer Moth’s wiki entry goes on for like 13 sections, and the coolest thing he ever did was get turned into a giant moth monster by a demon, and then promptly get ripped apart by Superboy Prime.

    Super. Boy. PRIME.

  3. Guns? Check.
    Belt with pouches and leg garter holster thingies? Check.
    Vile costume offensive to the eyes? Check.

    How did Hella did not catch on? I am shocked, I say, shocked and appalled.

  4. Nightwing villains don’t really catch on.

    A good Nightwing villain is generally either A) already a Batman villain or B) already a Titans villain. Otherwise, his rogues gallery consists of luminaries like Double Dare and Stallion.

  5. Just like a lot of Chuck Dixon Nightwing stories, this was actually really good, it just had a forgettable/not that good villain.

    Nightwing’s villains ranged from very good (Blockbuster) to decent cannon fodder (The Trigger Twins, Brutale) to utterly forgettable (Nite-Wing).

  6. I’m sorry, but… I have to ask.

    That’s supposed to be Nightwing’s shadow cast over Hella on the ground, right?

    How does Nightwing’s *shadow* have a domino mask clearly visible?

  7. My little four-year-old neice loves Space Jam. I asked her who was in it, expecting her to say Bugs Bunny or something and she announced that Michael Jordan was the best one it.

    I don’t think she has an opinion on the rogues of Nightwing though.

  8. Yow! You managed to get a reference to a prog band in your post…and IT WASN”T DEROGATORY…hold on…maybe it was.

  9. I own that issue. At the time, Chuck Dixon was doing right by Nightwing. But yeah, this one sucked.