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Relationship Troubles with Marvex the Super Robot




I don’t think I’m exaggerating here when I say that, based entirely on those two panels, Marvex the Super-Robot is the greatest Golden Age Character of All Time.

But you can find out for yourself by reading about him–and a bunch of also-rans who are currently cropping up in The Twelve–in the pages of the Daring Mystery Comics Masterwork, which, pound for pound, has more quick disrobing than any Golden Age Comic outside of Disrobed Action Tales.

25 thoughts on “And Now…

  1. Chris, don’t take this the wrong way but maybe you should stop opening your shirt and declaring yourself to be “Marvex the Super-Robot” on the second date.

    That’s at least a fifth date thing.

  2. Is anyone else wondering why the woman never picked up on the fact that something was odd about Marvex- the metal skin and matching hair perhaps…

  3. Couldn’t Marvex get some kind of sausage making attachment or something like my Kitchen-Aid has.

  4. That’s Marvex is old school, and the old school is all about class. Namely, no long-term relationships with organics. Their code dictates that you can have a few dates, maybe, but then you’d better make with the disrobing and confession that you’re a robot. Or, if you’re feeling saucy, a “super-robot”.

  5. At least he was polite enough to disrobe “quickly”. He didn’t take his time to savor it like a lesser robot would.

  6. “We can never be more than friends. Therefore, I shall strip my clothes in a friendly manner, display my super-lil’-Marvex to you as one friend to another, and we shall make sweet, sweet hyrdraulic-gyrations together in a fashion not unlike a pair of humping study-buddies.”

    Strangely, Atlax the Normal-Robot — who actually can be more than friends — prefers to cuddle.

    Marv the Super-Hobot, however, will disrobe even for those who are LESS than friends…

  7. This is why Red Tornado and The Vision are such asses…they take their relationships with human women too far. Too. Far.

  8. “I cannot pay this jaywalking ticket, for you see, I am not human — I am Marvex, the Super-Robot.”

    “Sir, please put your shirt back on.”

    Oh man, I’m going to be dreaming these up all morning.

  9. When I heard the “we can never be more than friends” speeches in my youth, I often wondered if the girls in question were secretly super-robots.

    Now I know.

    Thanks, Marvex!

  10. “I cannot eat this steak dinner, for you see, I am not human – I am Marvex, the Super-Robot.”

    “Oh, good. I thought I had cooked it poorly.”

  11. Yeah, ummm…she didn’t think something was up when her boyfriend had a METAL FACE?

    And of course, taking his clothes off is the first thing any respectable robot would do when trying to prove his robot-ness.

  12. No, she noticed that he was a robot as it was on his Business Card, she’s just more open-minded than Marvex.

  13. “The super-robot quickly disrobes, showing his metal body.”

    That line alone should spawn at least a dozen bad porn movies. Or a couple of issues of Tarot.

  14. I think Marvex did the right thing in disrobing; the metal face thing proves nothing. Destro has a metal face and we all know he’s neither a robot nor incapable of being more than friends. If Marvex hadn’t offered this conclusive proof that poor girl may have spent her life wondering what the `real’ reason was. This may also explain why so many woman have decided that we couldn’t be more than friends once they saw me disrobing, as I have very shiny skin.

  15. Judging from the girl’s face, I would guess that any suspicions of becoming “more than friends” was a processing error.

    Hey, how did super-robots work in a pre-computer sci-fi story? Did Marvex have a LOT of clockwork in his head or what?

  16. Reminds me of the movie Just One Of The Guys, except it was a girl disrobing and not a super-robot. Marvex can go to hell, I rather have Joyce Hyser.

  17. What I’ve always loved about Marvex is that

    a.) His creators from the 5th Dimension looked through time and designed him to look like William Shatner.


    b.) He was so put upon by this girl that he ended up redesigning his head to look less human in his later adventures so she’d leave him alone… and it STILL didn’t work.

    Man, I wish he’d been in the Twelve instead of Electro…