25 thoughts on “And Then There Was The Time Gwen Stacy Wanted To Go Watch Swedish Erotica and Spider-Man Referred To Himself As a “Human Centipede”

  1. So, his girlfriend wants to go see porn, and he’s stuck at home with six arms. This is the worst thing that ever happened to Peter Parker.

  2. I’m sorry – have you ever actually read Spider-Man? That’s not even the worst thing that’s happened to him this week. (the best thing about this comment is that no matter when it’s read, it will be true)

    But I’m confused: how can Pete get into an R-rated movie when according to Marvel Time he’s only something like 8 years old now? Seriously, Power Pack will hit puberty before Spidey does.

  3. Wait a minute. LOVE STORY wasn’t rated R.

    Then again, neither was I AM CURIOUS (YELLOW).

    Unless things are different in 616.

  4. Or LOST his job, and BLEW his girl-…
    Wait, he has to stay home and watch porn with HIS SIX HANDS?!?!?!?!


  5. I dunno, I’m pretty sure I heard that Peter and Gwen were in a strictly hand-holding sort of relationship.

    And that was written down more recently, therefore it is more true.

  6. So instead she went with Norman, and the rest is history. Horrible, horrible history.

  7. “Yes. I have, in fact, read Spider-Man.”

    I should have pointed out that comment was aimed at Dr K.

    @Master Mahan: I’d be surprised if that’s been retained after OMD. Not so much because of fan hostility but because as a story it has run its course.

  8. I seriously do not want to imagine Spider-Man and ‘Human Centipede’ to be mixed in any fashion.

  9. Come on Gwen, I think Peter’s going to need the kleenex a lot more urgently than you will.

  10. @Brigonos Chomhgaill: It’s being referenced in the current American Son mini, alas. Mephisto never does anyone favours…

  11. This is odd… growing up in Sweden, I read the translated version of this story — and the translator had changed Gwen’s line from “I Am Curious (Yellow)” to the Japanese film “Empire Of the Senses”.

    Why didn’t they keep the original title? Wasn’t Swedish smut good enough for Swedish readers? Scandalous!

  12. Let’s all talk about Gwen’s eyes for a second. I’m pretty sure after looking at that panel for a few moments, I’m glad she’s dead.

  13. A.R. Yngve — I think the idea is to show Gwen Stacy is willing to try a quirky, foreign film. If the movie she references actually originates from your home country, by definition it is no longer a “foreign” film.

  14. Out of curiosity, has anyone commenting actually seen “I am Curious (Yellow)? I must confess that I have not, even though I have been aware of it since my age was in the low double-digits. Ironically, it was from the annual Year Book supplements of the World Book Encyclopedia in an extensive (late sixties) article on the then-new permissive and boundary stretching trends in cinema.

    Its notoriety in the States seems to come from a couple of sex scenes and full frontal nudity and an obscenity case, but from modern reviews since the film’s release on DVD, the film seems to contain much more political wankery than physical wankery, Basically, despite its reputation, it ain’t necessarily porn.

    On the other hand, because of the controversy, it may very well have been the type of arthouse film that metropolitan college students might have sought out between ’69-71 to polish their radical street-cred, and Stan and Roy’s Marvels were popular on college campuses, so their making such a reference may merely have been part of the zeitgeist.

  15. “Granted, Roel, but “I Am Curious (Yellow)” would probably have made Peter Parker blush.”

    There are volumes of THE LAND BEFORE TIME that’d make Peter blush.

  16. Y’know, this is a fairly normal Thursday for the Marvel Universe. Why wouldn’t Pete just tell Gwen, “I gotta problem – some super-sciency crap went down while I was covering one of Professor Connor’s classes, and now I’ve got two extra pairs of arms.

    … but …
    … but …

    LOOK, OK, it’s a TERRIBLE excuse. You’re right. I’ll be right over.”

    Yeah, I know… Dr. Venture is holding on line two.

  17. AH! Mordicai! I too thought of Vurt. That book is one of my favorites of alltime!!

    Chris, seriously, if you have not seen at least he trailer to “The Human Centepede” you owe it to the human race to see it. It will scald your mind forever.