25 thoughts on “And Then There Was the Time That Betty Cooper Fought a Bear

  1. So what they’re saying is “It’s the silent beauty of new fallen snow, except it’s still falling and it’s not silent because there’s a girl trying to reason with a bear.” This turn of phrase has inspired me to write my own story, “The Evergreen Glade That Was Actually An Arby’s.”

  2. I’m wondering, from the title, if this is the story where Betty takes a special ‘headache’ pill from Jughead, and the bear isn’t really there.

  3. Funny thing is, she’s actually sitting in her bedroom listening to Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ with a bit of the ganja. Ah, that skunky shake!

  4. Yes, she’s pretending to stammer to lull the bear into a false sense of confidence, but look at those kung fu moves she’s busting out! She’s like a Charlie’s Angel, if they were all obsessed with red-haired teenage boys.

  5. She’ll be fine. She picked up a few bear-punching maneuvers from the Punisher teamup.

  6. I was going to make a joke about “oh, that’s where she got it” and link to a moderately vile fan art piece of Betty and Veronica on a bearskin rug, but it appears that even the internet was unable to tolerate that particular bit of smut for long. Or perhaps it’s merely eluding my web-fu.

  7. Rich: let us know if you find that! It sounds empowering…in a Jim Balent kind of way!

  8. I suspect that Jughead’s responsible for the false tip-off about the bear asking Archie out.

  9. “It’s filled with action and adventure and even features a scene with a man wrestling a bear for no reason.”

    — Jack Valenti

  10. **Riverdale is essentially an entire town of Jimmy Olsens with no Superman to guide them.**

    Every once in a while, I say a silent prayer that Grant Morrison reads this blog. This is one of those times.