24 thoughts on “And Then There Was the Time That Fantomah Defeated the Nazi Paratroopers By Throwing a Bunch of Lions At Them

  1. Could you, after all this time, have actually found the awesomest way to die?

    Seriously, getting mauled by lions would totally suck but I think your mind would already have gone numb from the sheer awesomeness of lions falling from the sky toward you.

  2. Witnesses to the scene described the carnage as “gruesome, yet totally awesome.”

  3. Almost the same thing happens in the anime series Nerima Daikon Brothers, except that it’s guys dressed up in lion suits, they’re the bad guys, and the airdrop to beat them up is a batch of dancing girls who encourage you to borrow money recklessly.

    No, really.

  4. I loved the first Fletcher Hanks book (shame on anyone who wasn’t already aware of the previous boo :P) and I’m quite excited to get this book. It’s so wild to think that all of this craziness came out of the mind of one guy. The Hanks “Stardust” story in Fantagraphics recent “Supermen!” book had a similar “animals attacking from the sky”, featuring gigantic vultures from Venus who could fly through space and reach Earth within a few minutes. No spacesuits or anything. Completely ridiculous.

  5. …it had to be perfectly timed… Hitler would wait until every last paratrooper had jumped and was descending upon Normandy…

    only then could he pull his trump card…

  6. Wow! Thanks for the kind words about my Fletcher Hanks books. Agreed: those floating tigers had a rough and surreal fate.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Hanks more down-to-Earth if not equally strange work, slide on over to the BONUS page of my website for a peek at a full length story featuring Big Red McLane. Evidently, once upon a time, someone thought that a series about an ass-kicking lumberjack was a good idea.



    Oh, and good work on these books. Have the first one, gonna get the second soon.

  8. I don’t know what I love most about the Big Red comic…the phrase “big-time bomb”,or the Mountie’s revelation of a sinister new lumber syndicate!

  9. I hear Grant Morrison is going to totally reinvent the “ass-kicking lumberjack” genre.