And Then There Was the Time that Snake Eyes Ran Away and Joined the Circus



America’s daring, highly trained Special Missions Force fills the void left by the Hulk pretending to be a robot in the pages of GI Joe #65.

30 thoughts on “And Then There Was the Time that Snake Eyes Ran Away and Joined the Circus

  1. Isn’t this from the “Joes in Space” issue? Good times. Nobody but nobody pimped toys thru comics better than Larry Hama. G.I. Joe : Origins #1 is out this week, so I suppose we’ll see if he still has that special magic on Wednesday.

  2. I had this one as a kid. I barely remember the story at all, but that panel stayed with me.

  3. Wait, so the Blind Master is the one juggling the chainsaws? Snake Eyes isn’t even throwing blindfold?

    What kind of pussy-ass act is this?

  4. “Nobody but nobody pimped toys thru comics better than Larry Hama”

    Me and the rest of the Bill Mantlo Appreciation Society take exception to that…

  5. I’m not going to lie, for a second I thought this was from a Joe version of those Spiderman/Electric Company comics.

  6. @Metz77 – Heh. GI Joe Super Stories! Sims would be all over it.

    Oddly enough, this was the plot of a recent Bones episode – Booth and Bones go undercover as carnies to investigate the death of conjoined twins, posing as a knife-throwing act. No chainsaws, however. Speaking of which, Snake Eyes better watch his follow-through or he’ll be Stumpy the Wonder Ninja.

  7. I think this image is some sort of sexual metaphor, as the males perform with obviously phallic implements, the woman is simply expected to lie back and assume a passive role.

    I’m not too sure what the effeminate man in white’s suppose to represent, though.

  8. I remember reading those issues where those three were trapped in Borovia. I’m pretty sure they warped me as a child.

    Wasn’t that around the same time that one of Cobra Commander’s guards killed him and took over? That was pretty awesome.

  9. There was an episode of Time Warp, a show on the Discovery Channel, where they filmed a chainsaw juggler in slow motion. There are Doctor Who episodes that didn’t freak me out as bad, and I’m talking about the New Who.

  10. Just this weekend past I was watching a MASH marathon (because who doesn’t want to spend Saturday night with Col. Potter?), and in one of the episodes two North Koreans pose as South Koreans to commandeer medical supplies and abscond with Major Burns; hijinks ensue. Then the credits roll and whose name flashes across the screen but LARRY HAMA, playing one of the infiltrators. My jaw dropped, and sure enough some online searching verified that Mr. Larry “Tunnel Rat” Hama indeed did a brief stint on the venerable show.

    So, Larry Hama: GI Joe writer, ninja master, close personal friend of Alan Alda.