And Then There Was the Time That Superboy Lost His Hair and Flew Around Wearing a Lion On His Head



Clearly, the best thing about the return of Superboy to the DC Universe is that we’re one step closer to getting Showcase Presents Superboy, which will deliver the gems of Otto Binder and George Papp to an adoring public. And that’s real.

25 thoughts on “And Then There Was the Time That Superboy Lost His Hair and Flew Around Wearing a Lion On His Head

  1. The weird thing here is that Superboy chose a lion instead of, say, a tiger or a black panther (which also has the advantage of matching his eyebrows). ‘Cause with that mane, the lion’s going to make him look like some kind of long-haired tree-hugging hippie.

    Superman ain’t no hippie.

  2. “Oh, and land, of course, so I can let the lion go. Sure, that was the plan all along. Wouldn’t want to pull my head out and look for another wig while this poor lion plummetted to his death…nope.”

    Jesus, Binder. What is wrong with you?

  3. Will, it’s mythological oneupmanship! Heracles had to kill the Nemean lion before he could wear its skin; Superboy just wears
    a) the whole lion
    b) while it’s still alive and trying to eat his head.

    Final score: Ancient Greeks 1, Kryptonians 3

  4. Superboy also looks less like he’s fighting or carrying the lion, and more like the lion is just part of his complex interpretive dance.

    The dance tells a story about being a young girl with lupus.

  5. Stealing animals for headwear is not acceptable behavior in a superhero. For god’s sake, Superboy, just go into town and BUY A WIG.

  6. Lion pondering what to say to vet: “Well doc, it started as an abcess behind my left upper canine, and – well – time makes fools of us all!”

  7. With respect, I think you folks are misinterpreting this scene. Superboy’s not wearing the lion — the lion’s wearing him in his teeth like a fleshy Kryptonian grill. He is the Lil Jon of lions.

  8. Oh, come on. Who here hasn’t lost their hair and had to make do with zoo animals while searching for a suitable wig? That’s something we can all identify with.

    (Also, Dregoth FTW!)

  9. I haven’t read this story. Maybe Lex did think of it? Bald Superboy fits the hair obsession poor Lexy used to have.

  10. Another wig?

    When you’re from Krypton, all of Earth’s creatures are merely your fashion accessories.

    Y’know, that is one badass f’k’n lion. Look at the contrail Supes is leaving! He’s not just wearing the lion, he’s doing aerial stunts at supersonic speed, and the lion is still holding on. That cat is awesome. King of the Jungle, baby.

    (PS: Dregoth’s comment = EPIC WIN.)