13 thoughts on “Another Science Saturday On The ISB

  1. You say drunk as if it is a bad thing, Chris.

    Do you know, I think of you as looking like that shot of Punisher patting the polarbear, whle you are sitting there delivering your verdicts.

    “Lay down, Ironman” *delivers right cross*


  2. Unfortunately, the Michelinie/Layton research paper is now quite dated. The last time it was regarded as being anywhere near accurate was about 1985.

    Most researchers these days tend to follow the graph in the Millar/Bendis research paper from 2006. Thankfully, this graph looks exactly the same (except the word: “Drunk” has been replaced with the phrase: “Republican masturbatory fantasy of an nigh-ominpotent god-like Neocon asshole”.

    I think I prefer “Drunk”.

  3. Todd’s research is impeccable, and it has led me to the conclusion that the Iron Man TV lyrics need to be updated as well.


    I’m off to get coffee and a donut, but I challenge the Legion of ISB to work on these a bit and see what they come up with. I don’t know whether the Writer’s Strike limits song lyrics, but the upcoming Iron Man movie producers might appreciate your efforts.

  4. Yes, it’s all good, but that graph doesn’t take into account the nuclear underpants on the right, and the devastating head of hair on the left.

  5. If I had a blog I’d post a Venn diagram of “Internet memes that are Venn diagrams vs. those that are not.”